Way To Play Tracks

Way To Play Tracks


Way to Play Tracks is the absolute BEST toy for car lovers.


Imagine hours of quiet play time in one small box. That's what you get with Way To Play tracks!

Little ones love them for so many reasons:


  • They can be used with ANY of your child's favourite cars or trucks 
  • They're easy for small hands to connect and reassemble on their own
  • They can be combined into dozens of different configurations
  • They're easy to store but can turn into a large and exciting playspace anywhere
  • They're made of high grade, child safe rubber and can be used inside and out - the beach or backyards can be turned into a racetrack in minutes


The Way to Play Tracks encourages hours of imaginative play, we use them daily!


Expressway Details:

  • Flexible, durable road toy, 258cm length
  • 8 curves, 6 straights, 1 intersection and 1 roundabout

Grandprix Details:

  • 24 segment, flexible and durable toy circuit
  • Circuit length 384 cm
  • 16 curves and 8 straights, printed on both sides
  • Special ‘Grand Prix’ printing on the curves, including curbstones
  • Special ‘Grand Prix’ printing on the straights featuring start grid, finish line and pit lan

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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