Topponcino - Montessori Pillow

Topponcino - Montessori Pillow


A thin pillow mattress made of wool and cotton, with a cotton cover to hold your newborn in a cocoon of warmth and softness. Maria Montessori created this item as a way to keep the mother's smell with the newborn as they were put down, being held by other people, or transferred to the bassinet. 

Toppocino: 100% wool

Cover: 100% cotton

Colour: choose from one of the 5 options


  • The ONE item every new mom should have

    A Topponcino was one of the best things I bought after my son was born. 


    It's a wonderful way for the newborn to be held so that rough hands, cold watches, or the clumsiness of the siblings are not felt by the newborn.


    The topponcino pillow can also be used as a changing station, as the cover is removable and easily washed.


    When your baby gets bigger, it can be used on the ground to watch their mobile or play with a baby gym.


    Click here to know more about the Topponcinos.

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