Ocamora Rainbow Stones (12 pc)

Ocamora Rainbow Stones (12 pc)



Ocamora 'teniques' are based on the Japanese game "tumi ishi", an ancient Japanese rock piling game meant to improve concentration and creativity.


Stacking them is not easy and is even fun for adults to try.


In our house, the little ones use them for:

  • Easter egg hunts
  • Colour sorting
  • Counting
  • Stacking sets of two
  • Arranging by colour into a proper rainbow


Each set is hand carved from solid wood found in sustainably managed forests and finished with a natural paint. 


Pieces vary between 5 - 10 cm in length.


Please note that Ocamora Rockers are made in Spain. This is the only wood toy we carry that is not made in Canada. We are currently looking for a Canadian woodworker who will make this but haven't had any luck yet!

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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