Fine Motor Essential Set

Fine Motor Essential Set


The Fine-Motor Essential Set includes: 


  • A Peg and Cup
  • A Ball and Cup
  • An Egg and Cup


The classic Montessori Peg and Cup can be introduced as early as 6 months of age. This activity promotes hand-eye coordination, hand-grasp, and concentration as an infant removes the peg person and then returns it to the cup. 


The Ball and Cup promotes fine and gross motor skills development and hand-eye coordination, as an infant removes the ball and then replaces it in the cup. The infant learns how to move after the ball as it rolls away. 


Once the Ball and Cup is mastered, the Egg and Cup can be introduced, as the shape of the egg and the size of the cup adds more of a challenge.

  • Note:

    All materials are 100% handmade in Canada.

    Each piece is unique and will slightly differ in wood grain and tone.

    Each item is sealed with non-toxic bees wax.

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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