Collapsible Learning Tower

Collapsible Learning Tower


Montessori wooden learning tower, also known as kitchen helper. This is a great tool to allow your toddler to participate in cooking and cleaning.


Our newest version is collapsible and great for small kitchens!


Handmade in Canada with high grade baltic birch and perfect for small kitchens.


Our beautiful design is unfinished and beautiful on it's own or can be finished with a water-based varnish.


Dimensions when open: 19"L x 19"W x 41"H.
Dimensions when closed: 19"L x 3"W x 41"H.

Please note this item is available for pre-order and will ship out on October 5th.

  • Benefits of a Learning Tower

    A Learning Tower is one of the top recommended Montessori at-home tools by certified Montessori teachers. 


    There are so many great reasons to get one but the main one is that it allows young children to participate in kitchen activities much earlier than they'd otherwise be able to.

    Toddlers as young as 18 months can begin:

    -> washing fruits and vegetables
    -> cutting soft foods with a butter knife
    -> mixing and pouring ingredients
    -> arranging food items on a baking sheet or dish
    -> wash their hands independently 
    -> clean up at the end of a meal


    Or really anything else you believe they're able to to safely for their age. 


    Aside from the benefits to your child, it's a great tool for parents. It can:


    1. Making meal prep easier

    Making dinner with a toddler underfoot can be difficult. They want to be involved but you can't get much done carrying them around or holding them up to the counter. 


    The learning tower allows you to safely contain them to one area of the counter so they can help with certain aspects of meal prep while keeping them away from the more dangerous parts (i.e. hot stoves, sharp knives, etc).


    2. Help with picky eating

    Children get so much joy from eating something that they helped make. The learning tower is a great way to get them on board with trying new foods and recipes. 


    3. Make handwashing easier

    Rather than holding them up to counter height and struggling with soap, tap, and little hands, the learning tower allows them to wash their hands completely independently. Great for learning and your back!

  • When can my child start using a learning tower?

    If they can stand independently and are interested in what you're doing, you can start using it!


    Most people begin to use one at about 18 months+. 

  • What Is A Learning Tower?

    A Learning Tower, kitchen helper, or Montessori tower, is essentially a step stool with a four-sided frame around the top to keep your toddler from falling off. 


    It brings your toddler or young child up to counter height to allow them to being participating in kitchen activities as soon as they show interest. 


Toronto, ON, CANADA

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