Arch Climber - Rainbow Rungs

Arch Climber - Rainbow Rungs


A smaller climber to our Pikler style triangle.


It is great for smaller spaces or for little ones learning to pull up and start climbing, although the older one's tend to love it too. 


It's also compatible with our ramp and can be used to connect the pikler to make a fun climbing structure for your playroom.


Made in 3/4” Baltic birch with 1.25” diameter, solid maple dowels.  


Dimensions: 32”W x 30”L x 24”H.


The paint used is a non-toxic water based acrylic.


Please note that the rainbow arch climber is out of stock but will be available again on February 7th. You can pre-order to reserve one now. 

Ramp Option

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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