The ONE item every new mom should have

Don’t you love it when a newborn falls asleep in your arms? They feel so reassured, warm and comfy held tight. As a new mom, this can be some of the most relaxing and memorable moments of the beginning. But then when you try to delicately put them back in their bed… you suddenly see them pull terrifying faces usually followed by unexpected cries...

Sounds familiar?

What is the problem here? Babies need comfort and consistency. Arriving in our world is already a huge change so maybe we could give them some familiarity. That is where I introduce you to the TOPPONCINO.

The Topponcino is a flat mattress, or pillow, and will be your newborn’s magical friend. This handmade product made of wool and cotton is warm, comforting and familiar. It is a magic security flat pillow that holds the baby snuggly. And when you go to transfer the baby into their sleeping place, you can gently put them, and the Topponcino, right on the mattress. They’ll stay warm, cozy and secure all night long. It also works when you are feeding baby, changing him/her, or passing the baby off to a family member such as its new siblings. Better sleep for baby, better sleep for mommy. The best, right??

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