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We are in the process of creating more 'accessible' Montessori at-home program with our accredited Montessori teacher.

It's meant for working parents and those without a teaching background.

Any materials used will be items you can easily buy or already have around your home, with 2-4 activities a week, so as to not overwhelm you or your children.


The approach will Montessori-based and focus on practical life skills, independence, child-led learning, emotional development, and more - but you don't need to have a full Montessori setup or materials to participate!

How It Will Work


We will provide video and written information for each activity, including the purpose of the activity (i.e. fine motor development, practical skills, vocabulary), how to introduce it to your child, and how to encourage their participation.  

We may also add the option to book 1-on-1 calls with the Montessori teacher so that you can ask questions or get extra help. Please let us know in the form below if you're interested in this. 

Complete the form below if you're interested in joining when we're ready to launch >>>

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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