How can I create the best environment for my kids?
Is it possible to have a beautiful home with children?
Can I still be a minimalist with kids ?

These were some of the questions that were obsessing me.
I wanted to offer the best to my 3 children without living in a childcare center. I dreamed of a clean minimalist house but I wanted my kids to flourish with toys they'd love to play with. 

After living in Paris, the States and Mexico City, my family and I decided to settle in Toronto. We loved the way of living of Canadian people. We loved this big city where you're still surrounded by nature. 

Only one thing was missing : the amazing amount of design furniture store for kids that you can find in Europe. 
So I've decided to fulfill my dream: Launch a store of toys and furniture designed for Children.

The Montessori Room aims to add beauty into your home and mostly into children's bedroom.
For them: joy and softness, and for you: design and simplicity.
For them: more independence and fun, and for you: peace and tranquility

Every item you will find in our store is designed by us and handmade in Toronto or carefully selected according to important principles : natural materials, beautifully made, ethically made, in small quantity, made locally in Canada (except when it was impossible to find it here). 
And of course every and each item follows the Montessori or Waldorf principles and philosophy to help children be independent, self confident and free.

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